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    Andaman, a Tropical Retreat!

    Andaman Tour packages is increasingly gaining popularity as one of the best tourist spots in Indian Subcontinent. Located in the Bay of Bengal it is a cluster of archipelagos which has formed this island. Even though the vast part of it remain uninhabited and less explored, he ones that are open for the public is a tropical retreat. Book your Andaman Trip with Travelkida and get the best Andaman Tour Packages at Affordable prices.

    White sand beaches, coconut water, palm trees, water sports and activities, lots of seafood, cocktails and party is how we can describe a holiday in Andaman. It is an ideal place for any kind of vacation or traveler. Families, group of friends and honeymooners flock here all alike. There are many beaches on the island, each unique from another, marine life and underwater world is something that calls for an exploration. Honeymooners can have a romantic walk by the beaches, adventure enthusiasts can dive into the sea, kids and families can explore the museums and heritage. That’s how varied options of vacation on this island can be. Travelkida Gives the Best Andaman Tour Packages that make your Andaman Trip Awesome.

    Best time to Andaman trip

    Andaman do not have highly fluctuating temperatures making the island quite peasant to visit year long.

    • However, like most parts of the country the best season to visit Andaman is winters I.e., October to March. Days are moderately warm and cool evenings during winters here. Best time for the water activities, swimming, exploring, sunbathing and a lot more too is during this phase with the temperatures varying from 20-30 degrees. There are also a couple of festivals like a film festival and Island tourism which you get to witness while traveling during this time of the year to this region.

    • Summers can go from warm to quite hot for some. Noon times are very sunny and hot which may cause sunburns and dehydration, but early morning and evening hour are great for sight-seeing and activities. After, all who wouldn’t like a dip in the beach after a hot sunny day. There are some good deals and discounts around during this season too. If you can bear the heat then get ready to hit the beach.

    • Monsoons lasting from July- September can be the wettest months in every manner. Some parts of the region receive a heavy downpour, tides can be higher, humidity the highest. High Monsoon seasons are not recommendable for beach trips and all the water sports and activities are closed too. During the beginning of monsoons, island can still be visited but anytime the water activities might shut keeping in mind the safety of the tourists. Book Your Andaman Honeymoon packages Now with travelkida.

    How to reach Andaman

    • By Air:

    All the flights land at Port Blair, the capital city and the only one with the air connectivity on the Island. There are flights operating directly from Kolkata, Chennai, Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai and Vishakapatnam. Usually from Delhi and Mumbai the journey takes around 5 hours and from Chennai and Kolkata the journey lasts for 2 hours.

    • By Ship:

    There are government operated ships sailing to Port Blair from Kolkata, Chennai and Vizag. These take 3 days to reach the destination i.e, around 60-70 hours of travel. These ships sail once or twice a week and aren’t available on a regular basis which can be booked through a government website. Travelers must keep in mind that these are cruises sailing across the ocean, they are regular ships which are like vessels, so one must plan the journey accordingly Honeymoon packages.

    Things to do in Your Andaman Trip

    Andaman has got varied of options to involve in apart from the regular sight-seeing which doesn’t interest everyone. These islands are known for water sports and activities mainly and other explorations which one cannot miss. So, here we list out the topmost things for you to do while visiting Andaman

    • Snorkeling:

    If you haven’t tried this activity yet, this is the time and place for it. Try this at Havelock or Northern Bay Island so that you get to watch the exquisite marine life. It is indeed an out of the world experience. This sport must top the list of things to do in Andaman for sure.

    • Scuba Diving

    Yet another water activity topping the list of things to do in Andaman in Scuba Diving. There are plenty of beaches in the Andaman Honeymoon packages offering this. It is not necessary for the basic level of Scuba diving to know swimming, walking under water and this are a wonderful experience you must not miss on trying.

    • Glass Bottom Boat:

    If you are a person who isn’t much into physical activities or phobic towards water and depths, then this one is for you. Having said, it doesn’t mean others need not try. It is a wonderful way of chilling on a boat with the entire group and watching the underwater world and marine life in their natural habitat. This is offered in water sports complex, Jolly Buoy Islands and others.

    • Fly in a Sea Plane:

    This is indeed one of the most romantic things to do on the islands. This is one of a kind of ride while traveling from Port Blair to Havelock Island. This is one of the exclusive things you must get your hands on in Andamans. You can get a fantabulous aerial view of the island formations and a lot more below. This journey takes about 15 mins which otherwise is covered in 2 hours if traveling through ferries.

    • Trekking from Mt Harriet to Madhuban:

    Chiling by the beaches, taking part in water sports and activities are the most common and known things to the tourists. This trekking trail is one of the least known things to do in the Andaman. Startin from the highest peak of the Island crossing rugged path of forests reaching the destination is a beautiful and adventurous activity to take part in.

    • Exploring the Limestone Caves, Bratang Islands:

    The cave formations on this Island out of limestone is a thrilling experience in itself. To add on to this activity the speedboat ride to the caves are even more fascinating with the mangrove trees on both sides and splashing of water.

    • Island Hopping:

    This is yet another romantic thing for the honeymooners and couples to do. Take ferries from Island to Island witnessing the varied landscapes and sceneries with an almost endless number of options. Watching sunrises and sunsets while you go around the islands to experience their uniqueness and indulging in activities.

    • Bioluminescence:

    Don’t worry this isn’t any science experiment you will have to take part in! This is a phenomenon happening in the seawaters on the moonless nights due to the presence of phytoplankton is a wonderful sight to watch. It is a total bliss to watch the water you are sailing on starting to glow. It will make you feel that tiny starts and galaxies are floating right beside you rather than in the sky. This happens on a few beaches of Havelock Island which can be experienced with the help of the local organizers. Travelkida Give the best deal on Andaman Tour Packages at affordable Prices.

    Top Attractions in Andaman

    Andaman Islands can never run out of options to attract you. Activities are in plenty and equally are other attractions of sight-seeing and experiencing for the tourists Tour packages.

    • Cellular Jail National Memorial:

    This attraction located in Port Blair surely does to top the list of attractions in Andaman. It is also known as Kaala Pani is a significance reminder of freedom struggle of India. It was a Bristish prison for the politicians who were once jailed during the British rule. It is a dark tourism but is worth a visit especially if you can make to their light and show during the evenings.

    • Havelock Island:

    It has many beaches especially the white sand ones for tourists to hop on to and enjoy their chill vacations. This island is also a hub to activities such as Scuba-diving and snorkeling. Visit to Havelock Island is a must if you are in Andamans, thus it tops the list of top attractions in Andamans.

    • Rajiv Gandhi Water Sports complex:

    Many activities such as Banana Boat ride, Jet skiing, parasailing is organized here. The instructors do a great job by giving you a first-hand experience and taking care of your safety.

    • Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park:

    A primary attraction in Andamans to witness the exquisite Marine Life and the under-water world of Coral in here. There are 15 islands covered by this national park. Since it is an ecotourism spot, the places can be found in a pristine and untouched manner.

    • Diglipur:

    This is the northern most town on the island and Nature lovers’ abode. It houses the highest peak of Andaman network of caves, turtle nesting site and crocodile sanctuaries making it a delight to the adventurers and wildlife enthusiasts

    • Jolly Buoy Island:

    A perfect attraction for a laid-back vacation on pristine beaches with crystal clear waters. This is a no plastic zone making it even more of a beautiful garbage free spot. It is a white sand beach and a perfect place to spend the day.

    Get the Andaman Tour packages with Travelkida and make your Andaman Trip Awesome .

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