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Legal Information

1. Notice of liability

A.Despite regular controls we are not liable for the content of external links. The owners of these websites are fully responsible for the content of the linked pages. Please contact us if you notice external pages with illegal or immoral content.

2. Legal terms

A. Travel Kida is a Company whose mainly working in an IT based structure and will previewed under IT Act 2008.

B. Any Confiscation of the Information or Stealing of the date or misuse of the Data of the company by any unauthorised means shall be penalised under the Provisions of I.T.Act 2008.

3. Disputes & grievance

A. All the Disputes of the Clients, Travelers or Agents shall be redressed by the Grievance Committee of the Company.

B. All the submitted Disputes Shall Tried to be resolved within a period of 45 Days from the date of submission.

C. Any complaint or dispute with the company or any matter of dispute shall be subject to Delhi Jurisdiction.

4. Refund Polices for travel agencies

A. There is no provision of getting money back after purchased credits.

B. For any wrong enquiry you will get your credits back into your travel kida wallet within 30 days.