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    God’s Own Country, Kerala

    Appropriately tagged Kerala is indeed God’s own country. The forests, backwaters, peaceful quaint villages, Palm Groves, fields outlined by coconut trees, beautiful beaches, amazing lush green hills with tea and coffee plantations altogether bring an image of Paradise as we go imagining. It is a wonderful land with wonderful people and culture. Kerala is also the state in India with highest Literacy rates which has made a sustainable development within the state an easy task. Book Your Kerala holiday Packages and Munnar tour packages with travelkida at best prices

    Recent floods in Kerala in the year 2018 had created havoc. Perhaps they were very quick in recovering. Kickstarting their routine activities and all set to welcome tourists even before the end of the year. Here we are jotting out important things you need to know while planning a trip to this Paradise on Earth. Get customized Kerala Holiday Packages at Travelkida on best prices.

    Best time to Visit Kerala

    Overall Kerala can be visited during anytime of the year. The temperatures never reach the extremes, but they do vary making a certain period of the year very pleasant while others a bit of Inconvenience. Get best Kerala Holiday packages & Munnar tour packages with Travelkida


    in this region i.e., April- March are quite hot temperatures crossing 30 degrees centigrade for sure perhaps less humid comparatively. If you are looking for Munnar Tour Packages and the best discounts you can rely on this part of the year to visit Kerala. Best time for booking for Kerala Holiday Packages. Chill by your hotels, resorts or homestays during the hot hours of the day while you get out and enjoy during the cool hours.

    Monsoon season

    is the real beauty of the region, beginning from June it lasts almost till end August with light showers continuing towards September too. Beauty of Kerala lies in the rains of the itself. Imagine sailing across in houseboats with the raindrops falling on the stream beside you, how much more beautiful can any ambience get.

    Actual season

    of tourism in Kerala begins after the monsoon in the winter months, almost like other parts of Southern part of the country. More crowds get pulled in. Deals and accommodations start to get expensive, but it’s worth the price. People from across the world flock in to experience the vibe of Kerala. Days are pleasant, nights and evenings are cool. You experience best of Kerala during this time of the year. So Book your Kerala Holiday packages , Munnar tour packages

    How to reach Kerala

    Kerala is easily accessible from across the places through all means.

    By Air:

    One of the busiest airports in India is of Cochin which is an international one too with good number of footfalls. Another international airport in the southern part of the state is located at Tiruvananthapuram and a domestic airport in Kozhikode. All of these are well connected and have good air traffic too, hence easy accessibility.

    By Rail:

    Kerala has a very well-connected network of railway lines. Many parts of the state can easily be reached through trains. Trains are connected from all major cities across the country to major cities of the Kerala. Therefore, rail is a great and comfortable option to reach Kerala too. Book your Kerala holiday packages , Munnar Tour Packages from Travelkida and enjoy your Kerala trip

    By Road:

    NH 17,47 and 49 are connected to the state to reach from anywhere in the country. There are great networks of roads directly linking Tamil Nadu and Karnataka with Kerala. One can easily drive by to Kerala with a lot of amenities on the way.

    Things to do in Kerala

    There are many things the state offers for its tourists to do while visiting the place. It leaves no opportunity to keep them engaged and enthralled.

    Houseboat Ride:

    First and the foremost thing while you are In Kerala is to take a ride in the backwaters which the primary attraction that cannot be missed. Houseboats are like an entire house or private rooms for built for you to sail on the backwaters. These can be hired for a few ours such as for sunsets or to celebrate special occasions or even booked for an overnight stay and spend an entire evening and next morning on these.

    Watch the Snake Boat Race:

    This is one of the state’s own traditional events which is fantastic to witness. If you happen to plan your visit to the place around July to September, especially during Onam festival you can treat yourself with this event.

    Stay in a Tree House:

    One of the unique experiences that will not be found much anywhere else. It is one of the must do things in Kerala. Imagine a cottage in between trees, see birds perching at your height, only trees and leaves to be found around you. This can be experienced in Wayanad specifically, which is known to offer such stays.

    Watch the Neelakurinji:

    Neelakurinji is a purple colored flower which is endemic to the region and can be seen blooming once in 12 years. This blooming happens during the monsoon season and visited widely by many. They are a sight to watch which is irreplaceable.

    Take a Spice Tour:

    India is a land of variety of spices which is also reflected in the cuisine. You can take a tour to witness how these spices are grown and processed. Thekkady is known and famous for these tours which lets you involve in nature walks around the farms and also indulge yourself in workshops. One can also taste and buy the authentic black pepper, cardamom, cinnamon, vanilla and others

    Go Birding:

    If you are a birder, or a wildlife enthusiast or just a nature lover then this is one of the activities to do in Kerala. Being a state of forests and greenery in itself an opportunity to watch birds to add on there are famous bird sanctuaries such as Kumarakom and Chinnar and wildlife sanctuaries like Periyar which are known for sighting of migratory species. This must be added on to the list of things to do in Kerala.

    Top Attractions in Kerala

    Attractions of Kerala is a never-ending list of sights and places to visit and do in Kerala. We list out these in order to help you make the best out of your vacation to the land of coconut palms and backwaters!

    Munnar, an abode to tea gardens:

    Munnar is a must go destination or a must visit attraction in Kerala. Stay here feels so much like in Heaven, lush green tea estates, ladies picking the tea leaves, mountains and streams at a distance making it a perfect poster for you to wake up to. There are many resorts and homestays in Munnar giving you an experience of this which can be booked well in advance to get good deals. Book Munnar Tour Packages

    Thekkady, for the wildlife lovers:

    Boating and watching wildlife are the primary attractions in Thekkady. Blessed with thick forests and good rivers this region flaunts wildlife in their natural habitat. Tourists can visit Periyar tiger reserve, elephant junction and a lot more.


    One of the most visited attractions of Kerala is famous for Bekal Fort. This has also been a shooting spot to many Indian movies. It also tops the list of honeymoon destinations in India because of the location, gentle sea breeze and the pleasant weather.

    Varkala, a scenic seaside:

    Cliffs on one side and forests on the other make this place amazingly picturesque for the tourists from all over the world to chill. Activities like boat-riding, surfing, parasailing, horse riding are the add on to the beach. Sunsets are something not to be missed on this beach. Varkala is also adorned with many Hindu temples making it an attraction for religious travelers and history lovers.


    One of the famous temples of the country located in Thrissur district. Known for their tradition and culture display. Keep in mind the dress code of this temple while visiting, you can even find the guards dressed in Panchis out here. A pretty looking place with an abundance of tradition to learn about the place for the tourists and outsiders


    You can explore in your own manner this as it is one among the newly discovered tourist attractions of the state. This region itself requires a couple of days to see around. Place is famous for the hills, beautiful landscapes, serene atmosphere and farming fields which can be supported at the altitude. There are some waterfalls, caves and a lot more such places waiting to be explored by enthusiastic travelers. Looking for places less exploited with less crowd then this is the one for you.


    Also known as Calicut is the commercial hub of Kerala. This region is widely known for its culture, historical sights, educational institutes and culinary experiences. Visiting this city gives you a wide exposure to the Keralan culture, food, lifestyle and a lot more. You can experience Kerala gastronomically here, also go shopping for the local items and souvenirs, experience their lifestyle first hand.

    Even though the most famous and must do ones have been listed above, Kerala has got many more things to do which doesn’t just end here. These are the best experiences perhaps you can have your own form once you visit the state. Different terrains, hill stations to beaches, churches to temples, traditions to party destinations the state is a destination to every kind of traveler out there. Travelkida provide best Kerala Holiday packages and Munnar Tour Packages. Book now on best prices.