World through the Bollywood Camera

Here are some best travel based movies from Bollywood that not only encourage us to live our life at its fullest but also leave us with joy and a great lesson.

Ever wish for a great trip that will change your life for the better? Well guess what… Bollywood is kinda agreeing with you on this one. There are all genres of movies for all the people out there that love the fantasy world and secretly hope that their life should’ve been a movie with great adventures and happiness and where they go into the sunset on their unicorns. (I guess my secret is out)

Movies are the best thing that happened to mankind and not only they’re entertaining, a number of them are great teachers too. Here are some best travel based movies from Bollywood that not only encourage us to live our life at its fullest but also leave us with joy and a great lesson.
To summarize this in one sentence, only thing that can do justice with it is “Best movie of the century”. Now don’t frown if you have some other movie in this rank, but come on, have you seen this movie! It’s awesome and probably everyone will agree with me on this one. Best storyline, best plot and great crew. Set in the location for Goa, it’ll make you fall in love with the characters and the place. Edited so beautifully and every dialogue is dope. Based on friendship and love this movie takes you to a whole new world and you’ll definitely wanna watch it over and over again. This coming of age movie depicts different experiences the trio goes through and how their lives are intertwined with each others. You’ll literally feel connected to them.
This blockbuster movie is the romantic movie ever made in Bollywood, and people love this movie so much that you would not believe, it has been playing for 21 years straight in Maratha Mandir Cinema hall in Mumbai and it’s still on. You can book a ticket anytime and go watch this movie. Actually this is the very first movie that got me excited about road trips and traveling. The plot was written and executed graciously and every character of this movie is worth remembering. Raj and Simran are the main protagonists and the whole story revolves around their families and their meeting on a road trip in Europe and falling in love with each other that ends in a great climax and a happy ending. (Awww… would someone hand me a tissue).
Talking about best travel based movies would be a waste of time if this great movie that you will remember and love for the rest of your lifewere not to be mentioned. This movie portrays the adventure and friendship o three young men and their trip through Spain. The movie inspires greatly the bonds of friendship and living life with all your heart. The complexities of life and the courage to face all the hardships with love and bond of friendship. And sure enough that you will never rest until you’ve been made a similar trip to some place magical. Spain is also one of the budget honeymoon destinations outside India.

Some more honorable mentions include JAB WE MET, a romantic movie that will take you to the great celebrations of Punjab and cool hill stations of Manali. YEH JAWANI HAI DIWANI, portrayed the celebration of friendship & love and took us from great Himalayas to magnificent Europe to luxurious Udaipur. BOMBAY TO GOA, QUEEN, BAJRANGI BAHIJAAN, ANJAANA ANJAANI, BREAK KE BAAD & PIKU are some of the movies you really gonnawanna watch too.

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