Top 5 Offbeat Honeymoon Destinations That Will Transform Your Love Life
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Let’s face it whenever someone thinks about honeymoon, the most obvious and Cliché places they’ll come up with will be Paris, Amsterdam, Hawaii, FIJI, Venice and etc. but it kinda has become commonnow days. There are so many untapped territories that are totally awesome if you’re planning for a honeymoon. India is the country with the most diverse culture and climates. With places of snowfall to scorching heat, beaches and hill stations, India has it all and here are some ideal offbeat honeymoon destinations in India you should consider going if you’re planning a honeymoon trip.
RISHIKESH, Uttarakhand ‘The yoga capital of the world’ has its charms and adventures. Whereas the city is known for its spiritual values it’s also a great for a honeymoon destination. The charming and breathtaking hill station of Mussoorie with luxury hotels and resorts and diverse cultural cuisines augments the romance and intimacy. (View Packages)
JAISALMER, Rajasthan ‘The Golden City’ is the heart of the great Thar desert where life becomes romantic and imperial. The sun kissed land blessed with art & crafts and a medieval culture with magnificent Havelis and temples so beautiful and perfect, to celebrate love. (View Packages)
DAMAN & DIU ‘The Portuguese India’ is a beautiful coastal town where you can hide from the rest of the world and enjoy your honeymoon with the most exotic beaches,great cuisine and culture and wonderful Portuguese architecture to explore. (View Packages)
UDAIPUR, Rajasthan ‘The Venice of east’ is explicit for royal offbeat honeymoon destination. A major tourist destination in India blessed with beauty beyond comprehension. Royal service, gorgeous views, spectacular culture will make you feel like a King and Queen. (View Packages)
COORG, Karnataka ‘The Scotland of India’ amidst magnificent mountains stretched throughout the region is the perfect art of nature with awesome Kodava cuisine and coffee plantation. Abbey falls, Talacauvery, Iruppu falls, Namdroling Monastery, Bhagamandala and HonnamanaKere Lake are some of the best offbeat honeymoon destinations. (View Packages)

These were the best offbeat honeymoon destinations where you can go with your love of life and enjoy some quality time. These places will assure you an awesome experience that will cherish your love life.

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