Thailand Trip

Thailand is a country full of beaches, Thai temples, a masseuse who can calm your body and soul, and of course of breathtaking beauty. Mainly known for its beaches, Thailand leaves people who visit there in owe for its magnificent culture, luscious street food, and awesome parties.


The main cities to visit in Thailand

1. Phuket:-

This city is all about beaches and wonderful classical architecture like Goom Restaurant. Phuket will offer a complete treat to your eyes with its blue lagoons and gorgeous sunsets. The most splendid beaches of Thailand are here in Phuket. Also, it’s a perfect honeymoon destination.

2. Bangkok:-

This place is a paradise for tourists. The city reveals the rich heritage of Thailand and you will undoubtedly adore the craftsmanship and details of the impeccable Buddhist temples here. The amazing nightlife of Bangkok is another factor which attracts tourists here.

3. Krabi Town:-

Full of lush green forests and isles floating, Krabi town beholds the best scuba diving and rock climbing. The city has many Buddhist shrines which are full of local monks. The major attraction of the place is the Tiger Cave. You can chill and find solace in the white sand beaches of Krabi Town.

Adventure in Thailand :-

Thailand holds an ideal adventure sport for everyone who visits there. There are water activities like the river and white rafting, scuba diving, and snorkeling or you can try hot air balloon ride to lose yourself in scenic beauty. You can also do zip lining, windsurfing, mountain climbing, and bungee jumping. If you’re into wildlife, then too bountiful of experience awaits you.

Events and Festivals :-

Thailand is full of diverse people of mixed cultural and religious backgrounds which makes it the hub of some incredible festivals and events in the whole world. The most famed festivals of Thailand are Loy Krathong and Songkran, which is the New Year festival too. There are other festivals too like the Candle Festival, the Kathina, and Boon Bang Fai Rocket Festival. These festivals show the humbleness and gratefulness of Thai people to their elders.
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