Switzerland Tourism Opted Ranveer Singh As Brand Ambassador

Bollywood's thrilling actor Ranveer Singh will now take the joy of promoting Switzerland Tourism's campaign for 2017. Ranveer Singh will spread his glimpse on their upcoming campaign "Nature wants you back".
Ranveer, who had a long vacation in Switzerland 3 months back, says "I had a great vacation trip at Switzerland this summer! I performed same crazy cheering thins like skydiving, paragliding, bungee jumping etc. Now as I am the official Brand Ambassador of Switzerland Tourism, I just want to back to my favorite retreat destination again this winter to experience how it looks like in the snow.
“Switzerland has always been known for its serenity and its natural beauty but what surprised me were the adventures in store for me when I visited,” Ranveer said.
Claudio Zemp, Director-India, Switzerland Tourism said: “As Ranveer is an versatile energetic and adventurous person he explored and enjoyed everything that Switzerland has to offer. His passion and excitement for the country is what compelled us to request him if he would take on the mantle of Brand Ambassador to which he enthusiastically agreed”. Now he has taken charge to promote their upcoming campaign “ Nature wants you back”.
“Switzerland is a perfect place for a complete holiday experience that will leave you spellbound for days. Tourists look for a blend of sightseeing, relaxation, and adventure together with easily available accommodation and good food and welcoming hosts,” Ritu Sharma, Deputy Director, Switzerland Tourism India, said.

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