Srilanka Trip

The best way to find solace within yourself is by traveling and Sri Lanka is one such breathtaking location where there are romantic landscapes, lush forests, oceans, and gushing waterfalls. Whether you’re looking for a honeymoon destination or a spot for a family vacation, Sri Lanka is phenomenal in both the aspects. The harmony of the place will definitely hold your heart for life.


Some major attractions of Sri Lanka.

1. Wildlife:-

The small size of Sri Lanka has not affected its collection of endemic species. It is amongst the top five biodiversity hotspots of the world. The country has an immense diversity of wildlife ranging from mammals like Sri Lanka Asian elephants, sloth bear and red slender Loris to cetaceans like sperm whales and blue whales. It is amongst the best places to watch dolphins and whales. Despite having 90 species of amphibians which are endemic, one of the most charming things it beholds is its glory of birds. For a wildlife fanatic, Sri Lanka is undoubtedly a paradise.

2. Heritage:-

Sri Lanka has a magnificent history of over 3000 years with many ancient cities, of which the most renowned and alluring is that of Anuradhapura. Anuradhapura is amongst the most sacred places for World Buddhists and one of oldest places which have been continuously inhabited. The remarkable townships, monasteries, theaters, and temples themselves speak for the rich culture the place has had.

3. Nature:-

The coastline of 1600 km is an asset for Sri Lanka which earns it thousands of tourists. It also calls for water sports like scuba diving, windsurfing, and yachting. Sri Lanka is beach ready throughout the year; thanks to the monsoon winds and it is enough to lure the visitors. The best Southern beaches are Beruwala, Tangalla, Mirissa, and Unawatuna while the most common Eastern beach is the Arugam Bay. Other than beaches, the country is full of greenery and an environment that will touch your soul.
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