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    Exotic Shillong Honeymoon Package

    Shillong - Cherapunji -Dawki-Kamakhya temple -GUwahati


    4 Nights / 5 Days 
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  • 8375

    (Per Person On Twin Sharing)

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  • 8375


    Shillong- Tawang


    10 Nights / 11 Days 
    Min Bid: 
  • 37000

    (Per Person On Twin Sharing)

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    RSD Travelss
  • 37000


    Shillong- Gauhati- Nartiang- Mawsynram- Mawphlang


    4 Nights / 5 Days 
    Min Bid: 
  • 13500

    (Per Person On Twin Sharing)

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    RSD Travelss
  • 13500

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    Beauty in the Abode of Clouds!

    This beautiful capital of Meghalaya encircled by pine trees derives its name from Lei Shyllong which is a deity idol worshipped in the peaks. This is popular for the sights and traditions, the pleasant climate with drizzles here and there make it an ideal getaway place from around the country. Tribes of Mylliem, Maharam, Khyrim, Bhowal, Mallaisohmat, and Langrim can be found around here. Book Honeymoon Packages

    Exciting waterfalls, crystal clear lakes mountain peaks, vast golf courses, zoos, and museums are the key attractions of any Shillong Trip. This capital city of Meghalaya also acts as a gateway to the state which is an abode of clouds with titles such as highest rainfall receiving state, caving activities and also known for its friendly people and their culture. Shillong also is known as the music capital of India as many musicians have hailed from here making way to many music festivals and events throughout the year. Shillong Tour packages will include the best of these attractions and festivals to have the best of time visited. Book Tour Packages

    Best Time to Visit Shillong:

    Summers (March-June)

    This can be considered as the best time to visit as the temperatures are very pleasant and enjoyable for the tourists to go around visiting places. Shad Suk Mynsiem is a festival celebrated in April, with traditional music and dance.


    Shillong experiences heavy rainfall during the monsoon making it quite difficult for the regular tourists to go sight-seeing around. The lively atmosphere and beauty at her best makes this season heaven for nature lovers, adventurers, and peace seekers. Being low on the season can also fetch some discounted rates and tariffs. A traditional festival Behdienkhlam of Jaintia can be witnessed around this time of the year.

    Winter (October- March)

    Winter is suitable during the day time to wander around in the bright sun without any hassle of rains. Many festivals such as Nongrem Dance Festival, Autumn Festival are celebrated in October/ November and Wangala Festival in February which will introduce you to the traditions and attires of these tribes celebrating them and can be added on your Shillong Trip.

    How to reach Shillong:

    By Air

    Shillong airport has limited connectivity which must be planned very much in advance if you would like to take a domestic flight there. Major airport nearest to Shillong is in Guwahati, Assam from where you will have to travel by road.

    By Rail

    Again the nearest railway station lies at Guwahati Assam from where you will have to travel by road. By Road, NH 40 connects Shillong to the rest of the country. Private and Government buses ply from all the major cities around to Shillong.

    Places to Visit in Shillong:

    1. Mawlynnong- This is a small village at a distance of 90km from Shillong located in the East Khasi Hills. This was declared the cleanest village in Asia in 2003 by Discovery India making the destination highly visited by the tourists. The natural beauty in this region is extremely pristine and picturesque. Clear waters in the rivers, flowering orchids, extremely clean roads make this place worth adding on to your Shillong Tour packages. Mawlynnong is also popular for living root bridges that seem mysterious and beautiful at the same time and is a must-visit.

    2. Shillong Peak- This is the highest peak in Meghalaya after which the city is named. There is a telescope available to get a bird's eye view of the surroundings for the tourists. This offers a panoramic view of the city, The Himalayas, Bangladesh plains and some mesmerizing waterfalls. There is a regional belief that "Leishyllong" resides in these hills and protects the city from the evils.

    3. Don Bosco Museum- This is known to be Asia's largest museum of Indigenous Cultures housing beautiful culture and traditions of North-east. There are 7 floors, 16 galleries displaying paintings, figures, artifacts that are important to Northeastern culture. This has been toured by the princess of Thailand and also people from Rajya Sabha. Another striking feature of this museum is that it is designed in a hexagonal shape and known as Shillong's architectural pride. There are different Galleries such as the Agriculture Gallery, Art Gallery, Basketry Gallery, Ornaments and Jewellery Gallery, Fishing and Hunting Gallery, Food Gallery, Housing Gallery, Land and People Gallery, Language Museum and many more which are worth a visit as part of you Shillong Tour.

    4. Elephant Falls- One of the most popular spots visited by the tourists is named after stone at its foot which looks like an elephant. This fall is like a paradise to tourists providing them access at different layers of it. It is also known as "Ka Kshaid Lai PatengKhohsiew" which means "The three-step waterfalls" This is located at 12 km from Shillong and one the most visited sights, also making it a great stopover before heading further into Meghalaya.

    5. Mawsynram- This small village is a true delight to the nature lovers. Being one of the wettest places on earth falls behind Cherrapunjee with a slight margin. It is one of the best tourist attractions in India. Maw means stone which signifies unique megaliths found in the Khasi Hill area. It rains so heavy in this region that locals use thick grass to sound-proof their homes from the noisy rain. Also, a giant Shivling is famous here which is formed out of a stalagmite. This t is own is worth a visit during your Shillong Tour.

    6. Ward's Lake- This is a major tourist attraction at the center of Shillong around which the entire city has been planned. This artificial lake is also known as Pollock's Lake which has turned out to be a tourist spot among the tourists and locals alike. People come here to just take a walk or sit by it and watch the colorful flower beds. Major attraction of this lake is the paddle boating and also a small bridge created at the middle of the Lake to provide Panoramic views of the lake and surroundings. This is part of every Shillong Tour packages you opt for.

    Things to Do in Shillong:

    1. Boating in Umiam Lake- Rich green surroundings, blue, and crystal clear waters give you the joy of boating in this beautiful lake. Umiam lake is located in Nongpoh, approximately at a distance of 17 km from Shillong. Water-skiing, sailing, and rowing options are also available at this lake which can be enjoyed.

    2. Trekking in defined Trials- David Scot trekking trial is considered to be the best for trekking in Meghalaya. This trek passes through sandstone and granite cliffs, clear streams and green valleys covered where one can even choose to camp overnight. Living Root Bridge, SophetBneng and Kyllang Rock also offer an excellent opportunity for trekking. This must be part of your Shillong Trip if you are an adventurer.

    3. Exploring the Caves- This must be on every thrill-seekers list as part of your Shillong Tour packages to explore these caves which are rare formations in other parts of the country. KremUmshyrpi, KremMawsmai, and Krem Mamluk are some of the popular limestone caves that are visited for caving activity in Shillong.

    4. Angling in Dwaki- Dwaki is around 80km from Shillong nestled among the pristine surroundings where one can involve in angling in Shillong. Golden Carps, Silver Carp and Catfishes are among the significant species found here.

    5. Stay in a Treehouse- This is one of the most exciting things to do while visiting Shillong and must be tried by every tourist. Imagine living just like birds amidst the trees and waking up to birds chirruping around right next to your treehouse. There are a few treehouses near Dwaki river as well as in Shillong which can be tried to have an unforgettable experience of your life.

    6. Shopping in Shillong- No trip can ever be complete without shopping. One such place to go shopping around in Shillong is Police Baazar. Local handicrafts, pure honey, local artifacts, and souvenirs are something you can take back from here. Traditional Khasi Garments, Khasi indigenous ornaments are something out of the box especially for ya ladies! So do not miss shopping on your Shillong trip.

    Gastronomy Tourism being in trend visit to no place is complete without trying on their cuisine. So we list down a few places in Shillong you must try eating:

    1.Jodoh: This place known for it KhaasiThaali ideally for non-vegetarians is located near Don Bosco Square, Laitumkhrah. One of the best places that fits your pocket as well as your appetite.

    2. Phunga Manipuri Restaurant: As the name suggests known for Manipuri Thali this restaurant is located in Nongkynrih, Laitumkhrah. This is famous for the ambiance as well as the delicious food. You will get to choose from Manipuri, Arunachal, Assamese, Khasi, etc while dining here.

    3.Munchies Shillong: Located near Near Don Bosco Square, Laitumkhrah, this is popular for Lebanese Shawarma, Chicken Burger, Iced Tea, and foods alike. This is a small cafe with a rooftop setting that has delicious food even though the variety remains quite limited.

    Pick your Shillong Tour Packages with the right combination of activities and places to enjoy the best of Shillong on your vacation.

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