Popular family tours and holiday packages in Kerala

The heritage and the rich culture of Kerala attract tourists from all over the world. Once you enter this beautiful place with the help of Popular family tours and holiday packages in Kerala everything goes on the back bench. Most of the other metros stand no way in comparison in terms of natural beauty of Kerala. Hereby are some of the best places that you can visit in Kerala.



It means the land of the paddy fields in Kerala. It is one of the greenest places to be here and is blessed with godly beauty, rich culture and a scenic beauty. This place is famous for its richness in tribal or traditional culture. The best time to visit this place is between the month of September to May and if you are an adventure freak then make it a point to visit during monsoon. You can indulge in a host of adventure activities along with trekking. The nearest airport is Calicut which is located at around 95 km away and the nearest railway station is Kozhikode around 72 km away. (View Packages)



If you are an avid lover of wildlife, then do pay a visit to this place. It is hidden in wild vegetation and thick forests. You would get to see the rare breed of species and among them are the elephants, tigers, bison boar and the wild lions. This place boasts of abundant wildlife and exotic beauty. You can visit this place from November end to early part of May. The Madurai airport is the nearest one that is a mere 136 km away and the Kottayam railway station is 116 km away. (View Packages)



If you are on the lookout for some beach fun, then Kovalam has to be the first place on your mind. It is famous for the new year celebrations with strong massages and a host of water sports. The coastline is crescent shaped which is the reason on why it is buzzing with activities all the time. People from different backgrounds come together add an element of beauty to this place. You can plan a visit to this place between the month of September to June. The nearest railway and airport is Thiruvanthapuram that is located within city limits.(View Packages)

Be it for vacation, honeymoon or Popular family tours and holiday packages in Kerala it is a one stop wonder. It is a paradise of beauty and a lot of engaging activities are at the peril for sure.

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