Places in India That Even Science Has Failed to Justify

India is the beautiful place which is equipped with beautiful places and forts of the ancient period. You will come across with 10 Places in India That Even Science Has Failed to Justify. In simple words we can say that there are still great places which can be easily planned by the visitors to make their journey pleasant and memorable one.

Magnetic hill of Ladakh

kashmir_5 (Magnetic Hill , a natural wonder at Leh, Ladakh, Jammu and Kashmir, India)
This Hill is surrounded by rocky and tall mountains when the person is traveling from Leh to Kargil district. This is called magnetic hill because person vehicle will drove itself without any support from the person when the ignition is stopped. It is magnetic place which will pull the vehicle upwards to hill easily. (View Packages)

Roopkhund lake

Lake of Skeletons AKA Roopkund Lake, Chamoli, Uttarakhand
It is one of the best trekking places situated in Himalayan region. This is also known a skeleton lake which is a kind of frozen lake that is surrounded by human bodies and skeleton.

Bhangarh fort

It is situated in Rajasthan and is one of the ancient forts of 17 century which has different theories attached with it. People believe that there is sprit of Tantrik who use to hunt people who ever passes by. (View Packages)


Bullet Baba Shrine - The Motorcycle God, Bandai, Rajasthan
This city is having some story of bullet baba that met with an accident and died on spot. After that his bike found near to that place after taking it again and again to police station. It was considered as the Holy Spirit.


This is the village in Assam which was witness for different bird species falling from the sky. In the month of October, Birds are found to be dead when flying in village area.

Karni Mata Temple

This temple is of Karnimata which is located in Rajasthan. This temple is the home of Rats which are 20000 in number.


The Twin Town- Kodinhi (Kerala)
This place is located in Kerala and it is also known by the name as twin town where most of the twin’s birth takes place in the year 2008.

Loktak lake

This place is in Manipur which is having rotating island floating over the lake. This is known as Phumdis! This place is also having national park which is also floating in nature.


- It is located in Rajasthan just 30 km from Jaisalmer. This place was famous as it was the home of hundred Brahmin communities but found to be in abounded conditions after 3 decades.


This place is in AndraPradesh and is famous for hanging pillar having outstanding designs in architecture field.

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