Jaipur Weekend Tour

Within a range of 600 km or so, from Jaipur there are a number of tourist spots which are borderline cases. It is affordable, time saving and perhaps the most important aspect is that it works out to be less tiring at the same time. Let us now understand the most popular Jaipur weekend tour spots in brief.


Ajmer in Rajasthan


If you are planning to seek the blessings of your near or dear ones, in terms of some divine form of entity, or fulfil your long awaited wish, then plan a visit to Khwaja Darga which is around 130 km south west from Jaipur. It is a place frequented by both Muslim or Hindu beliefs and happens to be a reserved pilgrimage site in India. The period of Ramadan is the best time to visit this place. (View Packages)

Sariska in Rajasthan

This national park was earlier referred to as the Birdlife sanctuary, is located at the Alwar district of Rajasthan. In terms of distance it is 133 km away from Jaipur. As the name of wildlife reserve suggests, at this place you can catch a glimpse of the tiger that is situated in the verdant forest. It is not only the tiger you can come across a host of other species like leopard, Indian eagle owl and much more. The majestic Sariska hunting lodge which was built as a lodge is situated at the edge of the national park. (View Packages)

Pushkar in Rajasthan

A short drive of 3 to 4 hours is more than enough to take you to the alluring location of Pushkar. If you are driving in NH8 it is around 144 km. in fact the number of tourist attractions of this place are not that great, but you can come across the pond with the Stirling water or the white Brahma temple which is one of the only kinds in India. If you are thinking on the lines of participating in some adventure activities, then you should make it a point of visiting this place. You can explore the market of this place or can take part in camel riding at the same time. If you want to see the vibrant side of this place you can plan a visit to the fair of the city which is held in the winter months. The best thing about the place is a huge inflow of foreigners. These are some of the things which will impose you to plan for Rajasthan you can book Rajasthan Weekend Tour Packages at travelkida.com . (View Packages)
These are some of the popular gateways in terms of Jaipur weekend tour. You can plan the next trip with your near and dear ones. (View Packages)

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