Enjoy Hidden Hill Stations in South India

For summer vacations get the best chance to enjoy Hidden Hill Stations in South India That Are Summer Goals. Come across with hidden hill stations mentioned below:-


This Valley is situated between the two mountains and it is one of the hidden hill stations in Vishakhapatnam. This place is the home of tribal farmers who were known as the first harvesters of coffee in the Indian state. This place is having many waterfalls mainly which belongs to the Eastern Ghats.


This place is located in Kerala and is considered the gateway to Wayanad along with highest spots in the Western Ghats. This place is also having Pookot Lake which is known for having fresh water around the area of 15acres. This place is also famous for having Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary where you will come across with the species of dangerous animals like Lion. You will also come across with Ficus tree which is famous for holding the spirit of Karinthandan who is tribal youth. (View Packages)


This place is also located in the border Kerala. Vagamon is small plantation town situated in Travancore which is the hidden place. This place is famous for Paragliding which is enjoyed by many visitors along with gliders pilots around the world. (View Packages)


This hidden place is found between Ooty and Coonoor situated in Tamil Nadu. Visitors will enjoy picturesque mountains along with Tea plantations which are found to be in abundance in this beautiful place. Visitors can also enjoy trekking as it is one of the famous spots of trekking. (View Packages)


This hill is located in South India which is having natural wonders along with trekking points which are enjoyed by many visitors from past years. This place is known as the second tallest peaks in Karnataka. You will come across with the temple of Baba Budungiri. Apart from that this place is having waterfalls just 10 km from this place.


This place is situated in Western Ghats of Kerala region. It is quietly hidden hill station in the district of Thiruvananthapuram. The distance from Thiruvananthapuram to Ponmudi is about 22 km. this hill station is enjoyed by bike lovers who want to plan their journey by road. This place is enjoyed by the visitors for hiking and trekking. This place is also having the highest peak which is known by the name as Agasthyakoodam. Visitors can also enjoy Meenmutty falls along with Wildlife Sanctuary.Thus these are the above places that come into the category of Hidden Hill Stations in South India That Are Summer Goals.

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