Best Food and Drinks you should try in Abroad

What's a life without food and drinks! Well, we would say nothing because who doesn't love food! And when it comes to trying out different cuisines, different delicacies from all over the world, we have the places with the best of food and drinks which will leave you licking your fingers and craving for more.


1. Cape Town - South Africa:-

Cape Town is not just the land of beauty but also of amazing food and drinks. From drinking rosé to feasting on hake and fries, from delicious yogurt snowballs to the food to fit every taste bud of yours, Cape Town has it all. You can try Pot Luck Club and the Test Kitchen if you’re looking for some sophisticated places with delightful food. And if you’re looking for drinks, Gin Bar is the place for you where the drinks are mixed using small batch spirits flavored with the flora of the place.

2. Belgium:-

Don’t you all agree to the fact that chocolate is the right kind of food for your soul! Well, Belgium is the paradise for chocolate and waffle lovers. Belgium holds the heart of many because of it featuring 180 breweries. Afterall what is better than cheese and bread covered with apple and pear syrup paired with the exquisite beer!

3. Dubai - UAE:-

Filled with skyscrapers, Dubai has a variety of food ranging from luscious Berber pancakes at Almaz by Momo to shakshuka which is the delicious tomato and egg dish. When you visit Dubai, you cannot afford to miss the crispy rotisserie duck and the best fish dishes at Pierchic. Have wine and dine in a restaurant with your loved ones and you will make lifelong memories with fulfilling food.

4. Shanghai - China:-

Shanghai is amongst the top destinations for food lovers because of its sizzling pork stuffed dough purses and deep fried scallion pancakes. The signature dish of Shanghai is the sizzling soup dumplings which you’ll find everywhere on the streets. Also, don’t miss the modernist dinner theatre Ultraviolet where as you eat, graphics fall on the wall. Enjoy the mid-east Manhattan cocktails and explore more of it.

5. Greece:-

A country full of meze, feta, olives, baklava, honey, olive oil, moussaka, tzatziki, gyros, honey, lemon potatoes, spanakopita, and souvlaki which makes up a heavenly salad, best suited for lunch. This place is perfect for health freaks with salad, delicious yogurt which has won over many hearts and the food which is rich and flavorful.
Food is the soul of stomach and heart and these places provide you with such luscious food that your one visit won’t just be enough. And when there is so much of good food, why stay back and deprive ourselves of the goodness!

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