8 Famous Myths About India, which are Completely False
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India is a super wonderful country, blessed with beautiful landscapes, mountains, rivers and a diverse culture, which attracts people to come here from every corner of the world. India is full of Historical monuments that will leave anyone amaze. However, many people who willing to travel to India or in India have many misconceptions about the county. Many of the movies have shown the nation as a poor country, which is full of corruption. But all these are just an effect of negative publicity. Here we listed 8 famous myths about India, which are just a false statement.
1. Indians Don’t Speak English: This is one of the most common myths about India that people here aren’t able to talk in English. Yes people have different accent but you will be amazed to know that English is the official language in India. It is the language of law and primary language used at offices and universities etc. (View Packages)
2. All Indians are vegetarian: Another Misconceptions! Not only Indians eat non-veg, rather here you find the most amazing dishes, which will make you fall in love with Indian Food. Who can miss out the famous Chicken Tikka, Hyderabadi Biryani, Mughlai Food etc. (View Packages)
3. Only Religion Here is Hinduism: In India you will also find many more religions other than Hinduism. Yes definitely most people are Hindu here but there are huge amount of Muslims, Catholics, Jewsand Christian population as well. (View Packages)
4. India is always Hot: Its true some of the parts in India are warm but there are some places which will give you refreshing chilling experience. Climate in India is diverse and at some parts of the country its like snowfall winters. (View Packages)
5. Too much spicy food: In India there is huge variety of spices and you will find some dishes with full of red chilly powder. But not every Indian has the resistance of that, you will also get food with less spices. Even Indian also started following culture of less spicy food in daily life. (View Packages)
6. All regions are over populated: Amongst the 1.3 billion population there is some places where the people density is very low. If you go to visit Leh, Ladakh, Sikkim, Nagaland or other North Eastern regions, you will get to find the peace and the astonishing beauty of the nature. (View Packages)
7. India is a dirty county: Some of the movies only showcased slum areas and poor regions of the nation. Which has created a mindset in people that India is a poor and dirty country. Yes some the population lives in slums and beg for their daily need but this doesn’t mean that the whole country is poor. You can ignore the fact that at here some billionaires who ranks top of the charts in the world. (View Packages)
8. People scam tourists: This is a complete allegation over Indian people. It’s completely wrong to assume that you will be fall in a trap when you are traveling in India. Nothing like that you will feel relaxed once you see the brave and honesty examples of Indian people. Here we believe in “AtithiDevoBhava” which means Guests are equal to God. (View Packages)

Here is all we can say that India is a very diverse country where you can find almost everything. Don’t believe all you see in movies and media these are just false famous myths about India. Just have a travel to India and Experience the Ultimate joy over here. We hope you enjoyed your reading. Thanks for giving your precious time.

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