Awesome Indian Destination For Weekend Getaway

Who doesn't love weekends here! No doubt all of us are in love with the thought of the hectic week coming to an end so that we can relax and gain back the energy to go through the same exhausting week again. The best way to free yourself from the worldly commotion and hassle is to travel; to travel to find yourself, to find the missing peace of mind. Here are the best weekend getaways which are good for your pocket and will make your heart go jumping with joy.


1. Auli - Uttarakhand:-

Auli lies amidst the snow clad mountains and lush green vegetation of oak and coniferous trees of the Garhwal Himalayan Range. The place has an exclusive natural beauty that will leave you in awe. Whether you want to just live amidst the hills, away from pollution and noise or whether you're looking for adventure sports like skiing, Auli has it all. It is at the distance of 380 km from Delhi.

2. Neemrana Forts - Rajasthan:-

Located at the distance of 120 km from Delhi, Neemrana Forts has been in limelight for its heritage hotel. The place offers majestic views and various fun activities like zip lining, swimming etc. This serene place in Rajasthan is full of colors, peace and stories of bravery. Neemrana is a perfect place to go when you don't have much time and when you want to spend it in luxury.

3. Kasauli - Himachal Pradesh:-

Kasauli is at the distance of 286 km from Delhi. It is amongst the most alluring hill stations which have preserved its natural beauty in a way which fascinates everyone who visits here. Situated amidst lush green evergreen trees including firs, oaks etc, Kasauli will give you the solace you're searching for.

4. Jaipur - Rajasthan:-

Jaipur, the pink city of Rajasthan has been a home to the rich history and culture of the Rajputs. There are magnificent forts, cafes where you can chill, and off course, you get the best of delicious Rajasthani food in the most authentic manner. The major attractions are Amber Fort, Nahargarh Fort, ChokiDhani and JalMahal. The distance of Jaipur from Delhi is 275 km.

5. Valley of flowers -Uttarakhand:-

Isn't it surreal to find a trek between snow-capped mountains under white clouds, surrounded by green meadows and vivid trek of Valley of Flowers! This is amongst the favorite treks of people where thousands of flowers blooming give your eyes treat and your soul peace. Valley of Flowers is undoubtedly one of the most exotic locations in India. It is at the distance of 515.4 km from Delhi.
Visit these breathtaking locations and relieve yourself from the stress of your daily life without damaging your pocket.

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