Best 5 Romantic Places To Visit In Delhi For Couples
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Don’t let your sweetheart getting bored by going malls and restaurants again and again? Add some spice to your love life; all you need a perfect place to express your feelings that will cherish your relationship to a new level. People who wanna go out on a date need a place where they can express their love for each other and if you’re one of the couples with same desire here are somethe best 5 romantic places to visit in Delhi for couples, where you can go on an exotic date with no one to rain on your parade.
1. The Garden of Five Senses: Perfect for calm hand in hand roaming in peaceful environment. Decorated with flowers and shrubs makes it more appealing and romantic for a date and the high quality restaurants like Magique make up for an excuse to get you out of your home. (View Packages)
2. Oysters: Oysters is a water park for enjoyment and fun and the couples who love a little adventure and thrill every once in a while can totally hang out in there. River rides, water slides and splashing water feels like heaven with your girlfriend in your arms. (View Packages)
3. The Garden Restaurant: The place offers private beautiful canopy seating that will elevate your romance and you can enjoy a lovely time. This is one of the best places to visit in Delhi for couples that will give you awesome experience on your date. (View Packages)
4. Ebony Lounge: GIP Ebony private lounge is situated in Noida; nearest metro station is Noida sector 18. It’s a movie hall different from others; it has a recliner, which can be converted into bed. Here you can have some special moments with your loved ones as this will give you an experience you can’t have at any other place. (View Packages)
5. SKY lounge: This blog will be worthless without mention of this beautiful spot in Connaught Place. With the view of the whole city this mid-air open bar is the best place for a date and you can kiss each other to your hearts consent. (View Packages)

So now if you’re one ofLovesick boys/Girls, don’t worry anymore for privacy, we’ve got you covered with the best places to visit in Delhi for couples.

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