Enjoy Islands near India for Honeymoon

If you are planning out honey moon vacation then come across with 8 Best Islands near India for Honeymoon which makes your journey pleasant and memorable one. You will come across with natural beauty along with covering down the adventurous activities offered by the particular countries. (View Packages)


This place is the perfect combination of sun along with sand and surf, which makes famous and perfect destination for couples. You will come across with beautiful beaches which are covered with crystal clear water. Couples can enjoy water sports activities along with enjoying orgasmic food which is the specialty of this place. It is the smallest island in Asian country. The best time of visit this place is November till April.


This is also best an island which has covered almost 7000 islands. You will come across with interesting activities that will spend the time of couples with fun and enjoyment. Visitors will catch the natural beauty of this place. Couples enjoy this place fully where they can remove their tiredness by taking spa sessions especially conducted for visitors.


It is also beautiful island, which is known as Paradise Island where couples will enjoy virgin beaches with colorful lagoons. Apart from that you will also come across with waterfalls, rainforest which are the major attraction of this place. Trekking can be enjoyed by couples for exploring this beautiful place.


This is the place which is near to India and fully accompanied by beaches along with temples and rainforest. Couples can enjoy water sports along with take down the beautiful views of whale and dolphin. Trekking, hiking and casinos can be enjoyed by couples in this place.

Phi Phi islands

This is the beautiful island which is accompanied by speed boating activities. Beach front jungles along with cliff towers are major attraction of this place which can be enjoyed by couples fully.


It is the beautiful island of Tanzanian which is the perfect place for honeymoon. Couples can enjoy couples of activities including Persian baths which are famous of this place. Major attraction will cover down stone town, houses of wonder and old fort.

Reunion Island

This place offers many activities for couples which makes the perfect destination for honeymoon. It will cover down snorkeling and surfing in water activities along with scuba diving. Thick rainforest with beaches and volcanoes are major attraction of this place.


It is also perfect place for honeymoon which will cover down many adventurous activities. It is the small island which includes 115 islands in it where couples will enjoy dishes of Creole Cuisine. Major attraction of this place includes clock towers and beautiful beaches.
Thus above are the 8 Best Islands near India for Honeymoon where you can plan your entire trip with dear ones..

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