Are you foodies?? Go and it eat it.

Well, it will not be fair to say that only beauty and adventure sports decide where our we’ll travel to this summer. What kind of a trip it is if you are not giving a delightful treat to your stomach as well! This is for all the foodies out there, these places will assuredly serve you with the best food and drinks.


1. Bordeaux - France:-

This is the city most people know because of its incredible wine but it is not limited to just that. The city serves you with the best of dishes to eat as well. Located right beside Atlantic, it is a home to the wonderful seafood and heavenly platters of oysters, clams, mussels, shrimp, and langoustines. The conventional snack of the place is a plate of oyster served with sausages which you’ll find everywhere. Spend some quality time with the wine of your choice and delicious food at Bordeaux.

2. Mumbai - India :-

Mumbai, known for its famous vada-pav and pani puri has a tantalizing variety of food in its heart. Mumbai is full of varied luscious flavors ranging from Persian mutton dhansak to delicious mutton Frankie sandwiches to the authentic heavy seafood dishes of South India. Also, there are awesome bars and clubs which serve you with the drink of your choice.

3. Bologna - Italy:-

Italian food has already won the hearts of many. The immensely used Bolognese sauce was invented here and yes, this city surely smells food all over. Whenever you visit, must-haves of the city is a plate of Tagliatelle Alla Bolognese and of course a plate of lasagna. The taste of this city doesn’t stop here. Another delicacy of this place is a tortellini, a pasta dish which is served in warm broth. You can have a taste of iconic Italian cocktails as well in Bologna.

4. New York City - USA:-

Be it a slice of pizza on the street or hotdogs by the roadside or a Reuben at a Jewish deli or the food techniques that leave you in awe, undeniably, NYC has it all. With the best chefs from all over the world and the best drinks you will ever get, this city is a heaven for all the food lovers.

5. Istanbul - Turkey:-

Istanbul is a paradise for food lovers because of its sebzeli kebab, baklava from Diyar Burma, a wide variety of delightful tea, pizza, a meal at Ciya Sofrasi, and a spice market that you will adore. Istanbul serves you with the best of food and of course, its tea culture is something that will amaze you.

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