A mesmerizing journey through the beautiful tulip gardens with the pleasant musical evenings of Srinagar and a perfect end to your day with the magical sunsets of Dal is all you need for your next break!

We have always believed that the people make a place of what it is. The beautiful people of this city always chose to be your family while you walk around the scenic beauty that has seen so much over the years. Everyone around is so polite to the tourists, it's overwhelming.

Srinagar is custom-made for photographers, art and history lovers around!
The old perplexed Sufi shrines, Hazratbal being the most important, the peaceful bazaars, the famous floating vegetable market, the beauty of the classical architecture and the relaxed faces by the narrow streets, takes your breath away.

Absorb your thoughts in the warm sips of Kahwa Tea, amidst getting lost in the varied landscapes of this city. Be it the gushing waters that kiss the glaciers above or the home-made rista and famous rogan josh, you are sure to find your corner of memories here! The arts and crafts, the dedication of the natives to give you the best handmade pashmina and the famous handicraft stores around the city cannot be missed.

Float through the paradise- The Dal lake will keep your heart and soul. Of all the roads traveled in and around Srinagar, the peace and serenity of the lake are magnetic and keeps calling you back! The backwaters are love, the wooden balconies of the Houseboats, the old and timeless canals; the shikaras being rowed by the gourmet sellers and little children playing around gives you life. It's a different world altogether, and that world just holds you.



1. Mughal Gardens.

2. Pari Mahal.

3. Nishat Bagh: Visit the second largest Mughal Garden in the Kashmir Valley opened in 1633 A.D. It was built by Asif Khan, elder brother of Nur Jehan in 1633 A.D.

4. Shalimar Bagh: The Mughal garden built by Emperor Jahangir.

5. Char Chinar: The speaking tree of Kashmir can be found in almost all the villages around here. Char Chinar is an island located in the Dal Lake and is an integral part of the beauty that lies within Kashmir.

6. Shankaracharya Temple: A favorite for Buddhists, it is on top of the Shankaracharya Hill on the Zabarwan Mountain in Srinagar, Kashmir. It is dedicated to Lord Shiva and has called tourists for a very long time.

7. Chashmashahi Gardens have views that will remain forever in your eyes.

The adventure enthusiasts might also be interested in listening to the sound of nature in the Tulail valley or trek in the Warwan valley, a well-kept secret. If the trek lovers don't wish to curse themselves of not being knowing these, they must go for its now or never! Planning a trip to this unforgettable destination can be your life changing experience.

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