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Bali, Be There!

Bali is unique and out of the world kind of Destination. Lovely beaches, Nature in bounty, wonderful sights such as temples and magnificent architectures. There is a wide range of hotels, resorts, villas, bars and spas which are amazing in hospitality as well as facilities. Bali is gaining fame as a honeymoon destination lately, has got many Bali Tour packages being sold specifically. This place is so rich in nature culture and places to visit that it provides a perfect ambiance for the couples and honeymooners.

This region is a value-for-money and one of the most beautiful places on earth that can be discovered at such low prices. The essence and culture of this place have attracted tourists worldwide and has inspired many more visitors. It has to be experienced to believe it. Get ready to grab one of the best Bali Trip package.

Best Time to Visit Bali

Bali is firstly an all year-round destination where you will experience different kind of vacation during different parts of the year. The best time you choose to visit shall be based on your preferences and choices.

Peak Season:

July, August, late January, and December are the actual seasons visited by many tourists from around the work That's the peak time when the rates and tariffs are also at its peak. Get your accommodations and Bali Trip Tour packages booked so you don't miss out on the best ones.

Shoulder Season:

February, May, June, September, October, November and early December are the months with comparatively lesser crowd but still an amazing time to visit Bali. The best part is beautiful landscapes and places are all to yourself that too comparatively at lower prices.Honeymooners book your Bali honeymoon Packages to enjoy your solitude and romantic time.

Bali in Dry Season:

These are the best times to visit Bali at its best. This falls between April to October. Dry winds, sunny clear skies make up to the best weather preferred on vacations, expecting a bit of Humidity and rain sometime during these months is common too causing no harm to your vacations. Outdoor activities are best performed in these months, enjoy warmth of the day, cool breeze by the night, annual festivals make up to the perfect combo to visit Bali Tour packages.

Bali in Wet Season:

November to March can be termed as a wet season here, but doesn't make bad enough to not visit the place. Average rainfall increases during this time of the year making the beach and outdoor activities challenging. But all those who love some rain this is the perfect time for you folks to be there. Adventurers can give a try on the rafting part as the streams and rivers are of high currents and rapids.

How to reach Bali

By Air:

Denspar International airport also known as Ngurah Rail international airport serves the city of Bali. Many international airlines connect to this airport and also many domestic airports connecting other parts of Indonesia to Bali. From India cheapest flights are from Chennai and Cochin.Wherever you are flying from you need to keep in mind that you will always be having a connecting flight to Bali with one stop on the way Honeymoon packages.

By Road:

You cannot travel till Bali through roadways. You will have to take a ferry from one of the closer cities until where the buses can reach. The most popular ferry is from Jakarta to Bali which will take a 23-hour long journey and quite exhausting. It is recommended to avoid this kind of travel.

By Sea:

Cruise liner traversing through South-East Asia mostly have a stop at Bali. If you want to explore traveling by sea to Bali then take a plane to Singapore, Sumatra or Java from where you can take an onward journey to Bali by booking a ship.

Things to do in Bali

Go Surfing:

You can rent a board or something called a bodyboard here (which is a little less strenuous) and sign up for surfing lessons on the Kuta Beach. This beach is free of any sharp reefs and coral making it an appropriate place for this activity. If not surfing you can relax by the beach watching other surfers with anice-cold beer over the sunset.

Visit Bali Treetop Adventure Park:

Want to try something unique such as rides surrounded by lush forests. This park is an amazing place for the entire family which has rides friendly for even kids as 4 years old.There are breathtaking rides in the thick canopy of the forests. This is one of the must-visit places in your Bali Trip Package.

Diving in Padang Bai:

Padang Bai is the best place to do muck diving, apart from which there are 7 different diving sites. A short boat trip will get you to any of these sites easily. You will also get to watch a diverse marine life present in the sea, with a good chance of sighting sharks, waving fans, coral gardens and turtles.

Water sports in TanjungBenoa:

Most thrilling activity here is strapping on a water jetpack which will let you fly up into the sky up to 10 m. This will allow you to see the beauty of Bali from the air. Session usually lasts for 20 mins and not to worry if you have not tried anything like this before, instructors are present to teach you to fly in a safe and controlled environment.

Treat your appetite with some local cuisine

If you are a foodie or at least like experimenting with the local cuisines of the places then you must try this restaurant named BebekBengil in Ubud. The name BebekBengil means 'Dirty Duck' in Indonesian hence the specialty of the restaurant is different varieties of dishes made out of Duck. The signature dish you must try on is bebekbetutu. Experiment and try other dishes here too which are worth trying. Dinners at restaurants like this will certainly complete a Bali Honeymoon Packages.

Try your hands-on cooking the local dishes:

Cooking classes are conducted by Bambu Bali which is one of the island's most famous restaurants. They train all about picking the right Balinese ingredients from the morning trip to the market, cooking the traditional Balinese meal. It ends with a communal lunch and gets a participation certificate as a memento.

Watch a Kecak dance:

This form of dance is based on the Hindu mythological story of Ramayana. The name of the dance comes from the kind of sound 'cak' that is repeated throughout. These performances can be watched anywhere on the island and when it is under the stars they get even more spectacular. Making the ambiance cozy and perfectfor the couples and honeymooner. To experience these get one of the best Bali Honeymoon packages.

Take a dip in the Tirta Empul:

These are believed to be sacred waters visited by Hindus from all around Bali. There are several pools filled by fountains that sit right outside the temple complex of Ubud.You can either swim in the water or walk around checking out the pretty architecture both of which are rejuvenating to the soul.

Top Attractions of Bali

Attractions in Bali is in plenty. Bali is a region amidst lush evergreen forests, attractions it has got to offer are unique and out of the world. We list out the must-see places in Bali Trip Package you must not miss out on.

1. Pura Tanah Lot:

This is one of the most iconic temples of Bali situated at a distance of 20 km from Kuta. This temple has such a serene seaside setting on a rocky islet, crashing waves hitting the shores.Even though foreigners are not allowed to enter the temple here, they can have a soothing walk around in the magnificent setting.

2. Mount Batur:

This is one of the primary attractions of Bali which houses a sacred Volcano. Trek to the summit is one of the best things to do in Bali. Hiking here is relatively easy taking about 2-3 hours. Lake Batur is another attraction around here which is the main source of irrigation water. On a clear day, the views here are mesmerizing.This place offers solace and a memorable time to the couples and honeymooners. This is a great addition to the Bali Honeymoon Packages.

3.Pura LuhurUluwatu:

In Balinese, Pur means "tip" or "land's end" watu means rock which appropriately describes the temple which is located on the island's southwest tip. It is one of the most famous temples of the island which is wonderful to visit during sunsets. Entry is provided to only the Hindu worshipers whereas the sunset and Kecak dance performances are one worth visiting. This tops every Bali Trip package list available out in the market.

4. Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary:

This is a unique sanctuary specifically named after monkeys. This is one of the top attractions for nature lovers and photographers. A large part of the appeal is a jungle setting where the monkeys can roam free housing grey long-tailed macaques specifically. There are giant banyan trees, ancient temples covered in mosses along the paved pathways giving an almost mystical feel.

5. Jatiluwih rice terraces:

This is one of the must-see places while visiting Bali. Also known as Tegallalang Rice Terrace are one of the most scenic and photogenic places to visit for tourists. Especially part of Bali Honeymoon packages so that the honeymooners can get some pictures clicked as memories to last for decades.

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