Nipah Virus

Kerala : Nipah Virus, All that you need to know before you pack your bags!

The important deal : Should you travel to Kerala or not?


Kerala : Nipah Virus

We at TravelKida are even more vigilant and equipped to provide you a hassle-free holiday.Let’s get going to booking your tickets to the heart of the golden beaches and emerald backwaters of Kerala while you croon your hearts to the scenic beauty and lofty mountains. Continue to dream your vacation and look with us the best travel experience here because we have got you covered with all the updates related to the Nipah virus spread in Kerala.

In the middle of all the tension, TravelKida gives you a thumbs up for travelling to any part of Kerala as it is safe . Although, if you wish to be extra cautious, avoid the four northern districts—Kozhikode, Malappuram, Wayanad and Kannur. Also the airports, railway stations, hotels and places of visit all are following the right protocols and are free of problems.All the tourist locations and the state in general are safe as usual for all your holiday activities and there are no such vaccines for the virus.

The Nipah virus broke out in, Kozhikode in Kerala and since then has been attracting attention all over the world. However, let’s keep our travel spirits high and bucketlist ready because we at TravelKida assure that ,you can totally go for an exquisite experience here! The Kerala tourism is giving all the updates on the same.

TravelKida is constantly taking care of all your queries. We get the best bids to finalise your travels, our team truly thinks you can give it a go and make memories amidst the beautiful palm-lined beaches and a lot more!

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